Genre: Sci-fi

In the last one hundred years the human race has been responsible for the last mass extinction since the disappearance of the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago. Nearly half of the living species on Earth, both animal and vegetable, have died out as a direct result of human action. What […]
Genre: Fiction, Sci-fi


In this novel, full of dark humor, Zotov has skillfully combined thriller and satire. In the setting in Nazi Moscow in 2012 (Indipendent Reichskommissariat Moskau, part of the Third Reich) you may see a parody of modern day Russia, of Putin, but also of all contemporary society – not only […]
Genre: Sci-fi


Bestselling author: over 300.000 copies sold! Humour, fantasy and the end of the world all in one. The Apocalypse (as in apostle John`s Revelation) started on the streets of Moscow. Graveyards are crowded by those risen from the dead. The course of the Apocalypse may be changed only by the […]
Genre: Sci-fi

Apocalypse Welcome