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Illustrated by Dr. Anak Agung Madé Djelantik These magical true stories are filled with the refreshing suspense and wonder so essential in times of uncertainty and fear. This collection of life adventures is the fruit of the long-time friendship between storyteller, Idanna Pucci – Florentine by birth and Balinese by […]
Genre: Fiction, Literary Fiction, Memoir

The Island that is No More – The World Odissey ...

For his works, he has received the highest Macedonian Literature Awards: Racin Award Pechalbarska povelba Award Vancho Nikoleski Award Novel of the Year Award for the novel The Well Short listed for the International Balkanika Award Translation Grants for Macedoniain authors are given by the Ministry of Culture of the […]
Genre: Fiction, Literary

The Circle

In the last one hundred years the human race has been responsible for the last mass extinction since the disappearance of the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago. Nearly half of the living species on Earth, both animal and vegetable, have died out as a direct result of human action. What […]
Genre: Fiction, Sci-fi


A cyber-age thriller about the Internet, capitalism, cyber-security and collective behaviours that stands between Mr.Robot and 13 Reasons Why digging in the shadows of our era with a literary touch. One morning in mid-September of 2008, the 50-year-old Marco Limo, watching TV report on the resounding bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers’ […]
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A contemporary tale about the second virginity of a woman ‘reborn’ after a breakup After ten years of living with the same man, she ‘awakens’ to a world that no longer plays by the rules she knows. Celeste Primavera’s new life is a recovery of affective, sexual, and social literacy. […]
Genre: Fiction

Alice Without Wonder