What God Has Joined Together

Is marriage happily ever after or a psychological war?

This is the story of a newlywed couple. It begins with the respective hen and stag parties and then follows preparations for the ceremony from two points of view.

After the ceremony the two return to their beautiful new house, happy they’ll be spending the night together and ready to leave for their honeymoon the next morning. But as it often happens the couple’s friends have prepared the usual first-night tricks.

In a dark, Hitchcockian style Naspini describes the couple’s reciprocal misunderstandings. The prejudices, the small secrets: they misinterpret the practical jokes their friends have organized for them and find themselves trapped in a dangerous game which leads them to a tragic ending.

You can’t put the novel down, and you’ll want to shout out loud to bring the young couple to reason.

 pp. 160

“Sacha Naspini is a genius, and you shouldn’t trust your friends, especially should you be taken by the insane idea of getting married.”

Luigi Bernardi, acclaimed Italian writer and screenwriter

“Here Naspini reaveals himself in all his power, his brutality, and his exquisitly macabre taste. “

La Repubblica

Rights Sold: Italy [Piano B]


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Genre: Crime, Noir, Thriller