Time of Cherries

Truthful story of Louise Michel

Symbol itself of the Paris Commune of 1871, as Marianne is of the Republic, Louise Michel has lived a life of tireless and generous struggle, so much so that even her enemies recognized that absolute abnegation that earned her the nickname of “ Saint anarchist.” This is a biographical novel about the most famous Parisian revolutionary literarily built on a multiplicity of voices, each of which narrates a part of the protagonist’s life, starting from the infancy spent in the castle of the adoptive grandparents, through her cultural education and mission as a teacher, to finally arrive to the total adhesion to the socialist movement, the battles for women’s rights, the explosion of the Paris Commune, with two months spent in the trenches and the heroic process that followed the defeat. A revolutionary passion to which only death has put an end.


Rights Sold: Italy [Eleuthera]