The Great Devil

“Sacha Naspini is a constant revelation. In Il gran diavolo he proves he can win any challenge with writing. A surprising talent. His pen is full of humanity, in whichever field he choses to move.”

La Stampa

Giovanni delle Bande Nere, the last captain of fortune

Artillery blasts drown out the clatter of armor and the soldier’s attacking screams. Giovanni fears neither war nor death: he is a Medici, in his eins runs noble blood, proud and pugnacious, and every day he faces the enemy at the head of the fiercest mercenary army in Italy, the Bande Nere.

The battlefield is gray, cold, enshrouded in fog, but his men would gladly follow him to Hell. Among these is Niccolò, a young man they call the Snaker because of his unsettling habit of keeping three or four snakes wrapped around his arm – he uses them to know the future. So the other soldiers keep their distance, but soon the Captain will come to trust him. And Niccolò could always be found by his side, in the middle of the fight. Always.

The author tells us the story of a friendship and gives us a glimpse of the Sixteenth century, one of the most turbulent moments in Italian history, when everything was changing and everyone betrayed everyone. And he does so through acharacter who is a personification of his times, that Great Devil willing to do anything to dominate the destinies of men. And continue fighting.

pp. 368

Sacha Naspini is a writer who is capable of everything…..This prolific writer […] is a challenge to himself and to his readers, he blasts apart the expectations of both in search of his own personal voice.

La Repubblica

Rights Sold: Italy [Rizzoli]

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Genre: Historical Novels