Pagan Bible



Giorgio Dell’Arti’s last work is called Pagan Bible and retells Greek mythology in the form of a novel. It begins with the lightning given to Zeus by the Cyclops and ends with the escape of Helen and Paris from Sparta. A tale full of lights and colors came out, describing a primitive, wild and bellicose society in which gods and men mingle with each other, fighting and making love. It begins in a very distant epoch, where neither grain nor wine has been discovered and where human sacrifices are still practiced in the belief that the victims’ blood is useful for fertilizing the fields. And it ends with the greatest and most tragic love story (and adultery).

It’s one of those books that can’t help but make you feel smarter for having read it.

The idea is that nowadays ever more we need intelligent synthesis, think of Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari and the international success it had.

Giorgio Dell’Arti overthrows every scheme and bans every respect, which in his Pagan Bible shatters the elegiac or heroic enchantment of so many fables and gives us his own Genealogy of the gentle gods, to use the title of the manual written by Boccaccio. A difficult navigation in an immense and prominent sea of deities and their innumerable descendants, as the novelist acknowledged, also apologizing for the delay in the investigation and for trying to give meaning to those narratives.

So in Dell’Arti’s novel (subtitle), the descendants of Chronos andr Zeus are so plenty and radiate sideways at every pleasant occasion, at any strange or possible bizarre fact, provoking and delighting the reader not only with gimmicks and stunts but also with his peculiar style.

(Il Sole 24 Ore)



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