Libyan Sunset

With a preface by Roberto Saviano

The story of an Arab Jew

In this memoire, Raphael Luzon describes the end of the millennial history of the Jewish community in Libya.

When he was still a child, Luzon was forced to abandon Bengasi during the 1967 pogrom unleashed against the Jews by the Arab crowd. Thus for him begins an exile full of nostalgia and suffering, of changes and new challenges facing which he never loses the hope to bring back, at least in memory, his community, erased by a destructive surge of fanaticism.

However, Luzon writes without resentment, for him the search for justice is never a hunting down of the culprit. To hostility he opposes a desire of reconciliation, aware that nothing moves consciences more than a sincere, truthful, balanced account.

pp. 167

From the preface by Roberto Saviano:
“I would invite the reader to pause, hold the book in his hands for a while, turn its pages again and re-read some passages, for in Luzon’s words we can sometimes find the inspiration to set off on a journey of peace and memory.”

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Genre: Memoir