The Green-Eyed Warrior

Possibly the only novel about a contemporary female soldier and warrior

In September 2014, the image of of Avesta Harun’s face, a fallen commander in the battle against Isis, goes around the world. In his new book, Marco Rovelli tells the story behind that face, mixing individual and collective events, the epic of the Kurdish people, the resistance and the exemplary struggle of so many young women.

Avesta Harun is twenty-two years old when she climbs up the mountains in the footsteps of Harun, her beloved brother. She leaves Mezri, leaves Turgut Reis, the Kurdish villages where she grew up with her family and learned to know and love life. She embraces the rifle to make her contribution to the struggle for a free Kurdistan, and her strength and her energy are so great, that she is soon asked to join the Special Group, and rapidly becomes the commander of her team.

So many girls, like her, chose life in the mountains of Qandil, among the forests, in the snow.

Against Daesh, Avesta Harun will fight an exemplary battle. In her battle she hears the cries of a whole people.


«I’ve read it and I loved it !Thank you so much for having given me this opportunity!»
– Javier Cercas

«Rovelli is a musician, writer, poet and scholar able to take the facts to make a fresco faithful to his time, but also and above all capable of transcending it, to overcome it. And when reality turns into literature, when a woman’s story becomes a topic for a novel, her story and her struggle are indelible in our news, even though the newspapers are no longer talking about it, even though televisions broadcast more, even if we will hear about Kurds only when the PKK will be charged with new attacks. Rovelli has given voice to this story and so doing has destined it to become part of History. This is the extraordinary power of the “non-fiction novel” whose scope is not only literary but also and above all social.»
– Roberto Saviano

«Many things that happen two steps from here are incomprehensible in our part of the world where everything seems to be due. That’s why the story the author tells is shocking and moving, because it’s the real life story of Filiz, a Kurdish girl with beautiful green eyes, who decides to fight against Isis and for the independence of her people. As a fighter, she chooses the name of Avesta, taken from sacred Kurdish texts: she takes a rifle and goes to the mountains to resist and defend the freedom and democracy of her people. It seems like a story of distant times, but Filiz died in battle just three years ago.»
– Valeria Parrella

Rights Sold: Italy [Giunti], Poland [Proszynski i S-ka]

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