In the last one hundred years the human race has been responsible for the last mass extinction since the disappearance of the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago. Nearly half of the living species on Earth, both animal and vegetable, have died out as a direct result of human action. What if the Earth, faced with a deadly threat, decided to react?

At the beginning the Earth reacts emitting an EMP signal that destroys all electronical devices, then she generates her own antibodies: humanoids Angels and huge Devas. Their target: exterminate the Earth’s virus: mankind. It will all take place in seven days.

Gaia tells the story of how a small town of 30.000 inhabitants deals with a global crisis capable of bringing the human race to extinction. Gaia tells the story of Alex and Pedro, Anton and Isabella, Father Elias, Paolo and Ferdinand and how they change in a changed world – and what can they do to help humanity to survive, but most of does Humanity really deserve to survive.

pp. 657

Rights Sold: Film/TV Rights a co-production with Italy, UK, Spain, Czech Republic. Shooting will start in spring 2018

Genre: Fiction, Sci-fi