An Endless Winter

A clever and unsettling noir, An Endless Winter, is playing with psychological twists and unearthed truths.

A university professor at the heighth of his career. Then the Shadow of Evil suddenly falls on his bright star. A reckoning without fuss starts, first of all with himself.

Albert Kleim lives between Bologna and New York. His life is apparently perfect and full of success, far from his native land South Tyrol. He is an academic and a well-known opinionist in the most important TVshows. All of a sudden his youngest son disappears into nothing, without leaving any traces. A long and painful descent to the underworld will bring him into a parallel, turbulent and cruel world.

Life has reserved him with stripping him of all of his affections. Albert pushes his life forward with the same desperation as Sisyphus, and he is more often overwhelmed than he would like. Without any identity – that of a father, a husband, even a son as his mother ill with Alzheimer no longer recognizes him – he would seem to be the ideal candidate for the reader’s empathy. But his being unhappy, aggressive and irritating is not a natural consequence of all of this, but – as he himself admits – something that has always been like this.

Albert is thus the ideal candidate to drag himself ever further down. Unable to get hold / have a grip on his existence, to develop new relationships, he gets to the limit of mixing with the scum for a pure feeling of vengeance. Albert is a concentrate of egoisms, the demonstration of how such a feeling generates the most complete inability to understand one’s neighbor and to realize that certain feelings and despair are not just ours.

The tale accompanies you in the descent to the underworld of a marked man who is no longer able to react. He has a lot in common with other “losers” in literature: they let themselves win by life because they no longer find a motivation. Albert fights in search of it: we are spectators and see him debating between his choices and reactions and we cannot help but attend. And his frends, indeed, they will prove to be advocates of his destruction in a way that will leave the reader speechless.

In the background, South Tyrol enchanted but stern, guardian of timeless memories and unmentionable secrets. An ancient land attached to his skin and destiny with the same silent obstinacy of an endless winter.

AlphaBeta Verlag

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