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NEW REVISED EDITION ALL RIGHTS AVAILABLE EX ENGLISH This is a new and enlarged edition of Rabbi Toaff’s memoir who lived a 100 years and was Chief Rabbi in Italy for half of a century. Historic was his encounter with John Paul II at the Synagogue of Rome on April […]

Perfidious Jews, Older Brothers

ALL RIGHTS AVAILABLE EX BA’HASA INDONESIAN; US+ NORTHAMERICA. Rights sold: ARCADE USA A WIDE-RANGING AND BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION OF ESSAYS FROM ONE OF WORLD LITERATURE’S MOST IMPORTANT WRITERS Goenawan Mohamad, activist, journalist, editor, essayist, poet, commentator, theatre director and playwright, has been doing just that for 40 years in his weekly column for […]

In Other Words

Rights sold: India and South Asia (Juggernaut Books) Culturally insightful with political undertones (tensions between Muslims and Hindu), Patna Blues is actually three stories in one. One is simply the story of a boy – Arif, the central character, who deals with love, lust and ambitions as he goes through […]

Patna Blues

A clever and unsettling noir, An Endless Winter, is playing with psychological twists and unearthed truths. A university professor at the heighth of his career. Then the Shadow of Evil suddenly falls on his bright star. A reckoning without fuss starts, first of all with himself. Albert Kleim lives between […]

An Endless Winter

With Dan Catarivas ALL RIGHTS AVAILABLE EX FRENCH AND HEBREW   How could a small country, living in a situation of permanent threats, rise to such a level of creative performance in all areas of the economy? What is the secret? The major countries, Americans and Europeans are wondering how […]

The Surprises of the Economy of Israel

  ALL RIGHTS AVAILABLE EX GERMAN, DUTCH, POLISH, ALL SCANDINAVIAN Paperback Rights sold (btb/Random House) This novel retraces, in a remarkable manner, a lifetime in the secluded cosmos of a village from the fragments of memory of an old woman. This life’s story is tragic. However, never does this woman […]
Genre: Novel

The Queen Remains Silent

  ALL RIGHTS AVAILABLE EX ITALIAN Giorgio Dell’Arti’s last work is called Pagan Bible and retells Greek mythology in the form of a novel. It begins with the lightning given to Zeus by the Cyclops and ends with the escape of Helen and Paris from Sparta. A tale full of lights […]

Pagan Bible