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Mustapha, a well-known television journalist from the northern Nigerian state of Bauchi arrives in the UK to pursue a dream in film-making. Circumstances soon conspire to make him an illegal immigrant. First of all, his uncle Mohammed Abdullahi the person responsible for his board and lodging, dies after a sudden […]

The Illegal Immigrant

Truthful story of Louise Michel Symbol itself of the Paris Commune of 1871, as Marianne is of the Republic, Louise Michel has lived a life of tireless and generous struggle, so much so that even her enemies recognized that absolute abnegation that earned her the nickname of “ Saint anarchist.” […]

Time of Cherries

Bestselling Author: over 100.000 copies so ld in Italy! Author translated into German, English and Spanish Giulio Maspero, thirty, has two problems that at some point will lead him to meander lost in a forest, between life and death, looking for an impossible pyramid: the dream of publishing with a […]

The Annihilator

A cyber-age thrilling novel about the Internet, capitalism, cyber-security and collective behaviours that stands between Mr.Robot and 13 Reasons Why digging in the shadows of our era with a literary touch and reflecting on the quest for identity in our contemporary, always connected world. One morning in mid-September of 2008, […]

The Mirrored Life

A BESTSELLER IN ISRAEL Oshrat Kotler, Bulgarian sabra, decided to go in search of her roots, a complex task since her grandparents were no longer there and her parents avoided talking about the past, their daily survival. But Oshrat did not hesitate, and after much research, she was able to […]

My Child!

Possibly the only novel about a contemporary female soldier and warrior In September 2014, the image of of Avesta Harun’s face, a fallen commander in the battle against Isis, goes around the world. In his new book, Marco Rovelli tells the story behind that face, mixing individual and collective events, […]

The Green-Eyed Warrior

NEW REVISED EDITION ALL RIGHTS AVAILABLE EX ENGLISH This is a new and enlarged edition of Rabbi Toaff’s memoir who lived a 100 years and was Chief Rabbi in Italy for half of a century. Historic was his encounter with John Paul II at the Synagogue of Rome on April […]

Perfidious Jews, Older Brothers

ALL RIGHTS AVAILABLE EX BA’HASA INDONESIAN; US+ NORTHAMERICA. Rights sold: ARCADE USA A WIDE-RANGING AND BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION OF ESSAYS FROM ONE OF WORLD LITERATURE’S MOST IMPORTANT WRITERS Goenawan Mohamad, activist, journalist, editor, essayist, poet, commentator, theatre director and playwright, has been doing just that for 40 years in his weekly column for […]

In Other Words

Rights sold: India and South Asia (Juggernaut Books) Culturally insightful with political undertones (tensions between Muslims and Hindu), Patna Blues is actually three stories in one. One is simply the story of a boy – Arif, the central character, who deals with love, lust and ambitions as he goes through […]

Patna Blues