Author: Gertraud Klemm

Born in 1971 in Vienna, Gertraud Klemm studied biology and was an expert on waters of all kinds. Since 2005 she lives as free author and writer.

  How can one live freely in a world bound by norms and rules? This is the question 30-year-old Annika, ends up facing. Scathingly, but not without humour, Gertraud Klemm screens our lifestyles in today’s world. Not mincing her words, she mercilessly dissects different life plans from varying walks of […]

Counting Peas

Selected for “Books at BERLINALE” The first chapter was awarded with the Public’s Choice Award of the Ingeborg Bachmann Competition 2014. In the 2015 Deutscher Buchpreis Longlist A year in the lives of a mother and daughter. A pointy and humorours portrait of middle-class living today. Both want to break […]
Genre: Literary